Community Garden,

Living Laboratory  & Learning Community



It's more than a gardening style. 

It's a lifestyle.


 210 Ehler Rd, Yakima, WA 98908 
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DIY + DIT is our motto because we believe that both approaches are necessary and  uniquely rewarding. To maximize learning and access to our programs, we do our best to keep costs low. Donations of any amount help make that possible. Thank you for supporting our work!      

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In a nutshell, permaculture = earth care, people care, fair share. Through the lens of ethics we are re-examining the relationships between energy, shelter, water, food, soil, climate. In the process, we also nourish relationships between people. Our decisions are informed by systems thinking and our ethics align with the principles of human rights as extended to all living creatures. Want to learn more about the potential of permaculture? Visit our our blog and stop by our bookstore!